Finding your security gaps before the threat does

With every device that connects to your network there lurks a possible threat that must be understood and contained. Are you able to confidently say you know what devices are connected to your network, and what they are doing at this very moment?

The problems we can solve

Protect organisations from data breaches

Comply with governance and external regulations

Support business continuity

Let’s take control of your network, together

Rebasoft works with our customers to provide in-depth visibility and control of what connects to your network and what it’s doing. We can see all devices, which applications they are using and who is using them in real time to ensure we can intercept and block the threats before they can disrupt your organisation.


Identify every user, device and application on your network


Profile your devices and continue monitoring their activity


Block suspected rogue activity as it happens in real time

Bespoke solutions to safeguard your organisation

Our software solutions are personalised to fit your organisation. They are easy to deploy due to our agent-less and probe-less technology which allows us to provide an unparalleled security promise that uses your resources more efficiently.

Employee using a laptop which is managed as a secure asset

Discover Your Network

Asset Security

Gain full visibility of all the devices that are connecting to your network, to ensure that your security efforts are touching upon all points of your organisation.
Cable connecting to device prompting access control security authorisation

Control Your Network

Access Control

Keep your network secure with intelligent threat response and automatic alerts in real-time, before rogue activity can cause damage; rather than retrospectively.

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