Pigeon sitting on old rusted CCTV cameras

Trust is a fundamental aspect of network security, but how can we guarantee it?

Good network security is about being able to say you trust the systems that access your network and the applications within it. This level of security, for any organization, is a serious undertaking and, like an insurance premium, a necessary item on the list of things that have to be assessed and prioritised.

If you follow the media, hardly a week goes by without a scare story about a hack or high profile security breach. The media loves to report on ...

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Is there a security threat hiding behind your printer?


It seems common that the feedback we hear from those who have attempted the mammoth task of deploying NAC is ‘Nightmare’ or ‘given up’. Why should controlling your own network and connected assets be so difficult? There are a few reasons that immediately spring to mind, BYOD (or if we go large the Internet of Things) and the traditionally intrusive nature of the NAC beast and the inability of a number of network connected devices to use agents making them difficult to verify.

Take a printer for example. ...

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