Your Challenge

If the information on all of your assets is neither complete not up to date, you cannot be sure that your security measures are being applied across your whole infrastructure. Some of your assets may not be risk assessed and therefore may not have adequate controls applied. These gaps could leave your organization exposed to attacks, fraud and loss of intellectual property or sensitive data.

Our Solution

Our real time monitoring of your whole infrastructure, without using probes and agents, means we see every connection and every asset. This means you have a golden source of every asset that needs to be secured. This helps you stay in control and meet the requirements of secure asset management as set out in ISO 27001.


Gain visibility of your network
Using the network as the sensor, we see every network attached device. We add information such as user and location amongst other attributes such as operating system, installed software and hardware to provide a complete picture of every asset on your network.
Improve governance and regulatory compliance
Gain peace of mind that your organisation can fully record connections to its infrastructure. With almost limitless reporting of network and device access, a full forensic chain of user, IP and device connections can be made. This assists with SOX, FSA and PCI compliance.
Find the gaps in your security
Build confidence in your security knowing you are identifying previously undetected devices ensuring infrastructure gaps are closed, secured and under your control. Unknown devices at remote locations could present an organisation with enormous security risks.
Agent-less and probe-less technology
Since Rebasoft's systems tap into your existing network we are easy and quick to deploy. We don't require hardware or software installation to understand what is going on. Our centralised, management and reporting topology allow you to scale rapidly as your needs grow.


Fast deployment

Software only (no probes/agents to install or configure). We can install and commission in minutes

Low resource requirements

Tapping into the network allows us to be efficient, so you don't need to buy lots of hardware to see your network.

Protect investment

Powerful integration facilities mean you can interwork with existing systems.

Improved Security

Identify unprotected and critical devices faster, reducing your exposure to threats.
Badge symbolising the certification of compliance for secure assets

Get ISO27001 Certified

In your journey to ISO certification, Rebasoft ticks many boxes for you with our simple to use system. Our unique approach means that our customers and partners are confident that being in compliance with the standard their overall security is improving at a practical level. Rebasoft surpasses the many 'Asset Discovery' tools available, through complete coverage and built for purpose security.

Devices Traced

Secure asset management is only as good as your ability to trace every device on your network. With Rebasoft you gain full visibility of all the devices connecting to your network, no matter what they are.
Employee workstation as a secure asset


Keep an up to date map of all your corporate owned PC and Laptop work station devices that should fall under your organisation’s security policy.

Tablet and mobile phone devices as assets to be secured


Contractor’s devices and employees using BYOD will not be covered by your security policy but should be monitored like any other device on your network as they connect.

Image representing the secure management of IoT device assets


With the growing adoption of IoT devices in the workplace, hackers are finding creative ways to take advantage of their poor security as a way to disrupt a network.