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Business imperatives drive ‘anytime, anywhere’ access, but this can also open up threats to the organisation from within their own network. It is now vital that organisations have a way to monitor all potential threats in real-time to stop threats in their tracks

Whilst continually re-assessing the end-device and checking that it conforms to corporate standards, Rebasoft also monitors network behaviour to ensure that no anomalous activity or compromising access is present. Organisations can feel safe knowing Rebasoft is:

  • Identifying & restricting rogue end points
  • Detecting insider attacks
  • Protecting critical assets
  • Augmenting and interworking with existing security controls
  • Protection from VPN/3rd party attacks


As your networks grows with new types of devices connecting to it every day due to the trends of BYOD and IOT, it is becoming a complex problem to maintain your regulatory compliance requirements for the protection of sensitive data.

Clear visibility of your network is a fundamental requirement for ensuring regulatory compliance and ensuring best security practices through efficient security policies and clear audit trails. Rebasoft can ease pressure on your organisation in a number of key areas:

  • Acceptable use policies
  • Privileged access certification
  • Audit and track shadow IT
  • Ensuring asset security
  • Cross checking existing security controls for gaps

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Business Continuity

Graph of upwards trend showing improved infrastructure security performance

IT departments need to make best use of their time, focusing on improved delivery and value to the organisation. There should be reduced time spent troubleshooting so that more time is available to dedicate to the smoothing running of your infrastructure.

Rebasoft reduce costs attributed to this troubleshooting process by automating processes and by improving data value through consolidation of information sources. Through our intuitive software we can help with:

  • Improved Service delivery
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Automation of complex, regular tasks
  • Maintenance savings
  • Capacity planning