Information Security Management

Ensure all your assets are adequately secured

Quickly and easily identify all your assets:  Rebasoft uses the network to track them all as they connect; It automatically classifies and helps identify the most critical assets.

Assets are not just those you own, many cybersecurity breaches are as a result of 3rd party suppliers or contractors. Rebasoft helps ensure you’re protected

What is the problem?

The network threat landscape is growing and the traditional tools can’t do anything about it.

Viruses, malware and hacks can come into your organisation through variety of routes. Rebasoft eliminates any gaps where threats could be lurking.

The Information Security Management (ISM) control area is designed to enable any organisation to improve security through:

  1. Real-time discovery and classification of all the assets on your network
    Real-time discovery is needed as most asset discovery systems run only infrequently. This risks not seeing devices connected between asset discover scheduled scans. Rebasoft closes this gap
  2. Prioritising the most critical systems
    Knowing which systems are connected is only the first step. In order to understand and respond to critical issues, a detailed inventory needs to be built and analysed. This allows your most critical systems to be highlighted and protected
  3. Ensuring policies and processes are effectively applied
    Rebasoft helps by ensuring all discovered assets have appropriate controls. For example McAfee ePO might cover 1200 PC’s, but if Rebasoft has a realtime inventory of 1300 PC’s, then 100 PC’s could be without adequate protection.
  4. Securing third-party connections
    Many organisations outsource IT functions. Contractors and connections are therefore accessing your network. Rebasoft helps ensure that they are only connecting to and managing systems you authorise them to

VPN Monitoring

Police access to third party managed assets

Your critical systems

Automatically calculate criticality not just on the asset, but where the asset connects

Real-time asset security

Track all device connections in real-time ensuring no gaps allow threats to get in

Control coverage monitoring

Ensure all critical assets have the security controls enabled to keep them safe


Continuous, real-time Information Security Management

ISM-1: Detection and classify devices as they connect

Gaining real-time control of every device connecting to your network has never been more vital to the mitigation of threats to your organisation.

Traditional asset management/asset discovery systems are designed as an aid to inventory management rather than security. Rebasoft uses the network to inform on each and every connection of a device, meaning you will never miss a device because it joined outside an asset scan window

Rebasoft’s customers can now benefit from improved asset security and, together with our powerful data integration capabilities, ensure that asset management databases are kept up to date. Now organsiations can have confidence that they have all their assets under control

ISM-2: Detailed asset inventory

In order to understand system criticality, it is important to gain a deep understanding of each connected system.

Without the need to install software agents on all your systems, Rebasoft can look into each asset: The operating system, and version; Installed applications and even running services.

Organisations and see which systems and services are providing vital procssing capabilities. It is these systems that can then be prioritised for security measures to keep them safe.

ISM-3: Live connection information to inform threat response

Understanding which systems are running important software and storing sensitive data is one dimension. Knowing where they’re connected and who’s accessing the data is even more critical.

Rebasoft’s dynamic asset tracking allows you to see changes in connections and thus understand changing threats. Any anomalous behaviour on a system with high threat value can be flagged for investigation.

This means that busy security and IT personnel can respond more effectively to high impact theats rather than just processing data on a first come first serve basis – saving time and money.

ISM-6: Third party monitoring

Ensure contractors and third party connections are not introducing cybersecurity issues to your network.

Rebasoft tracks all devices and where they connec. our unique ability to see the network traffic allows use to police all third party connections, ensuring they are not being used as a way into your more critical systems.

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