Mitigating security risks, reducing costs

Effective, Real-time, Automated Risk Management

What does Rebasoft do?

A new approach to managing security risk.

Rebasoft helps organisations meet Cybersecurity threats head on. We help identify and close the gaps, identify vulnerabilities. We deliver a holistic security capability based on ISO & NIST frameworks that help reduce the security risks that result from complexity and scale of today’s IT infrastructure.


Businesses depend on the reliable functioning of IT infrastructure. Cybersecurity threats exploit the increasing complexity of these IT systems, finding gaps and vulnerabilities. Any threat that gets through can affect a company’s bottom line; increasing cost of recovery and impacting revenues.


In response, security controls such as firewalls, anti-virus systems and more are implemented. These undoubtedly help, but the ability for the hacker or ransomware attack to get through means this approach is no longer enough. This is where Rebasoft can help

Gain control of your network with a unified security platform solution

Rebasoft continues to monitor everything on the network to assess behaviour for anomalous activity. This allows you hunt, detect and respond to advanced threats in real-time.

Manage risk, automatically

Rebasoft’s powerful data collection and processing abilities allows organisations to become proactive rather than reactive, ensuring effective management of threats in real-time

Single system, multiple control areas

Rebasoft works together with your existing controls; firewalls, vulnerability scanning, anti-malware and more. Orchestrating a unified response reducing risk

Why Rebasoft?

Unified network solutions, for a single co-ordinated point of control.

Rebasoft was founded in 2009 with a mission to build security solutions that allow organisations to manage their security posture by effectively assessing, planning, deploying and operating cybersecurity threat controls. Our approach lowers both the level of risk and expenditure.


Our next-generation security solutions are built from the ground up, working in partnership customers and technology partners. The result is enterprise-class, scalable, easy to deploy and safe to operate which means Faster, Simpler, Safer defence against Cybersecurity threat

Who uses Rebasoft?

Trusted security. Valued privacy.

Rebasoft has been developed alongside an exciting mix of organisations in different sectors across the Global 500. While we are proud to show that our solution is trusted by some of the world’s largest organisation, we don’t believe in providing case studies of our customers as we value their privacy and security.










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