Our Approach

Rebasoft is a single security deployment that offers multiple capabilities in one. It helps identify & close cyber security risk areas. It helps staff become more effective, lowers Capex & Opex, reduces system & network load while providing real-time security improvements

What does Rebasoft do?

Rebasoft is designed to offer many cyber security capabilities in a single platform. It works with your existing controls or allows you to replace multiple, complex, difficult-to-manage systems with a single cost-effective deployment.

Rebasoft brings together the abilities of aggregator systems – to provide a top-level, integrated view of your cybersecurity defences together with native security controls and inbuilt discovery.

Capabilities include:

  • Automated asset discovery
  • Real-time security asset database collecting information on hardware, software and installed applications
  • Network intelligence to help you identify and improve your boundary/perimeter security, reducing the chances of hackers gaining access to your infrastructure
  • Automated compliance to assess:
    • completeness of anti-malware software installation
    • high category secure configuration issues
    • missing disk encryption
  • Automated vulnerability assessments, tracking existing systems and assessing new systems as they join the network
  • Identify unusual traffic that may indicate malware spreading or compromised systems leaking data
  • Automated remediation and revocation of network access (Network Access Control) for suspect devices


Rebasoft is available as a software license or, via our extensive partner network, as a Managed Security Service. The system can run in the Cloud, on-premise or as a hyper-converged application. Specialised collectors are deployed in the customer network – this reduces the load on the network and provides resilience.


  • No software agents are installed on end-point systems to collect data, meaning deployment is faster and more complete
  • No 802.1X to provide Network Access Control, making the system more flexible and easier to administer
  • No tapped, mirrored or spanned ports are needed on the network to see endpoint communications reducing complexity and cost


Rebasoft can start small, with a limited set of facilities enabled and scale easily – in software – to full deployment and the full set of required security controls. Growth to cover the whole desired installation is non-disruptive.

It allows organisations to grow and meet any challenges without the need for a big-bang deployment and its associated up-front capital investment.

The system also provides full segregation of duties. This allows security, network and indeed helpdesk and senior management to get their view of the same data with full control.

Extensive reporting, metrics and auditing record any activity and provide retrospectively analysis.

Our 4-Step Approach

Whatever the use case our customers start with, the starting point is discovery:

  1. Discovery – using the network infrastructure, all connected assets are found. This discovery process is continuous following system commissioning, meaning no endpoint should ever be missed. Data is collected about the network and all of the endpoints found. This information is used to set the type of endpoint (eg PC, server, Access Point etc). Customers can also set BIA values for critical systems – this can help in the future to aid prioritisation when remediating security issues
  2. Asset security assessment – using the information collected during the discovery phase, assessment can be performed. Including, network hygiene factors, Anti-malware coverage, secure configuration compliance and more
  3. Vulnerability assessment – the system can be set to perform vulnerability scans based on discovered end-point types
  4. Remediate and revoke/change network access for non-compliant or rogue devices to reduce the impact of any security breaches
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