• Our 4 Stage Approach
    Joined up security - closing gaps
  • Stage 1 - Network Security
    Live tracking & policing all connections
  • Stage 2 - Perimeter Security
    Stop hackers bypassing security measures
  • Stage 3 - Inventory Security
    Ensuring you know what you have is secured
  • Stage 4 - Behaviour Learning
    Identify and stop compromises from spreading

What we do

Rebasoft was built to protect you from the security gaps that will inevitably appear in your business

Key Benefits

Close the gaps

Quickly identify and close security gaps

Close the door to cybercriminals

Reduce time to detection

The longer a breach is unseen, the wider it can spread, and more damage it can do to the network

Spotting cybersecurity attacks quickly reduces their impact

A single pane of glass

No need to continue buying a tool for each gap

Save money by reducing the number of systems to maintain and use

Active security

Not just alerting, but taking action on your behalf

Making your security controls more effective


24 x 7 surveillance, looking for compromises and taking automated action

Reducing the workload load on your busy IT team

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Human error is behind most of the successful cyberattacks on businesses

Even if employees are aware of the risks of suspicious emails, they still click the links anyway.

You can train users not to, but research shows they will forget most of what was taught within the first 24 hours.

Social engineering, scams and malware trip up the unwary, so how can you protect your business against your users?

Rebasoft helps protect your business from user compromise

86% of business owners believe digital risk will continue to grow

43% of businesses in the UK have experienced a cybersecurity breach or attack according to Government Official Statistics

With over 350,000 items of malware reported every day, up 20 fold in the past 10 years, cybersecurity problems are just going to get worse.

The more your business relies on technology, the more gaps there will be and the more vulnerable it will be.

Rebasoft helps you close security gaps

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Hackers are always looking for the ‘easy target’

Your security systems are not joined up and you cannot be sure if every gap is covered

Hackers only need one small chink in your defensive armour to get in. A gap could be exploited in minutes, but it often takes time to become aware of it.

In the time it takes you to identify a compromise, it could have caused significant damage, spreading and infecting vital systems or harvesting and stealing customer data records.

Rebasoft can isolate compromised systems to give your IT team time to respond

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While implementing security with Rebasoft, for the first time we have a golden source view of our whole estate, improving our posture at a stroke
Global investment bank
My keep awake issue is ensuring that nothing attaches to our network that causes a breach of customer data. Now we can see instantly a hack or malware on our remote networks
National Retailer
Before Rebasoft, when we received an alert, it took us a day to isolate a suspect device on the network. Now we can do this in a few seconds; we have saved a lot of time & money
Global trading organisation
We really like that my senior management can see, at a glance, where the risks are; this is critical for the lead up to our busiest periods
High Tech Manufacturer
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