Real-time Asset Discovery

Asset management, in one form or another, is fundamental to cyber security. Many organisations, however, have significant gaps in what they understand about their environment. Traditional asset management systems are more focused on financial and lifecycle tracking of systems & software. They collect data using (infrequent) network scans or require the installation of software on a system to be included in the asset register.

The result is an often out-of-date register that has missed systems that connect and disconnect between scans

You cannot protect what you cannot see.

Why you need real-time accurate asset information

Gartner backs up the importance of up-to-date and accurate asset discovery. They state, “full visibility into all assets under an organization’s control [ is required ] to understand attack surface area and any existing security control gaps.” With effective real-time asset discovery, faster compliance reporting is possible, which can reduce the time that a cyber security gap could be exploited by malware or a hacker.

Why Rebasoft for Asset discovery

  • Rebasoft uses the network to discover assets. The network (local network, VPN, and Cloud services) gives real-time data on all connections & disconnections. Assets are, therefore, not missed. Many of our customers who already use an asset management system, also use Rebasoft as a real-time feed
  • Rebasoft does not require any software agents to discover devices. Standardised API access is used for home/remote users and to monitor cloud services
  • Sometimes, security professionals may not have access to operational tools, so the additional visibility that Rebasoft delivers can provide independent asset visibility as a check & balance
  • Rebasoft is licensed on the size of the network, not the historical count of endpoints, meaning it is a highly cost-effective system. Our system scales easily from hundreds to many millions of endpoints

How real-time asset discovery works

Asset discovery starts from identifying connection to the network and other sevices. Once a device is discovered, Rebasoft can collect relevant information  about the device that can be used for classification:

  1. The network reorts every connection/disconnection to Rebasoft
  2. VPN & Cloud services are also queried frequently for connections
  3. Based on device history, data is collected including Operating system, hardware/serial number, installed applications and features

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