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Complete Cybersecurity Control Coverage

One of the foundations of good cybersecurity is the ability to monitor the devices that connect to your network and to know what security controls (like antivirus software and OS security patches) they have installed.

But manually keeping a record of each PC’s update history and security provisions is inefficient and time consuming – especially on large, growing networks.

Yet cybercriminals are always on the lookout for an easy target. Even if a single device has out of date security protections, that can still present a clear risk to all of your other networked devices.

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What is Security Coverage?

There are a lot of elements that go into effective and resilient network security – firewalls, network access control, perimeter security, and more.

But a network is only as protected as its weakest device. And if you have no way of telling which devices have out of date antivirus definitions or don’t have the latest security updates installed, then cybersecurity incidents may be entering the network under your radar.

For example, let’s say that a company with 50,000 PCs has achieved 98% security coverage in terms of up to date OS patches and antivirus updates. This may sound promising, but that’s still 1,000 PCs
with out of date security provisions. These devices could easily act as a point of ingress for hackers, malware, data breaches, and other cyber threats.

Being aware of your security coverage is also useful if you have devices on your network where traditional antimalware controls can’t be installed, like IoT hardware, buildings management systems, and even certain kinds of servers. These endpoints are particularly vulnerable to attack, but when you maintain an awareness of how they behave normally, you can work towards keeping them as secure as possible through other means.


Security Coverage

Why Monitor Your Security Coverage?

As technology progresses, the variety of devices connecting to our networks naturally becomes bigger and bigger. The problem is that some of these devices - in cybersecurity terms - are more defensible than others. It only takes one rogue access point, one unpatched PC, one unmonitored
IoT device, or one phishing attack to potentially grant access to your entire network.

Good asset management practices can highlight these potentially vulnerable devices with ease. However, traditional asset management systems are designed around infrequent scans, and will often skip over devices that have been connected and disconnected in-between scans.

As soon as a scan from a traditional asset management platform is complete, there’s a possibility that it’s already out of date. In order to achieve near total network security, you need a crystal-clear picture of every single device that connects to your network in real time, what security controls they have in place, and how up to date those controls are.
Cybercriminals can strike at any point, so sporadic asset scans can leave considerable security gaps in networks of all shapes and sizes.

How Rebasoft Handles Security Coverage & Asset Management

Powerful network discovery methods sit at the very core of our software. Rebasoft uses enterprise- level network management protocols to uncover every single piece of hardware that is connected to your network. It consistently keeps this information up to date, noticing even the smallest hardware
or software changes in mere moments.
Rebasoft can provide surprisingly detailed information about every device on the network, including OS version and patch history; antivirus protection and update status; which programs are installed;
which processes are currently running; as well as numerous other benchmarking metrics.

With Rebasoft’s help, your technicians can easily identify which machines have out of date security protections and take immediate action. Rebasoft can also check for default login credentials on
network hardware, ensure encryption certificates are still valid, and can flag older vulnerable systems for update (such as those running Windows XP or relying on outdated encryption systems
like SSH).

Our platform is also able to identify which devices aren’t able to run normal antivirus software (IoT devices for example), helping your technicians monitor their usage and minimise cyber risks.

In addition to network security coverage, Rebasoft is able to perform secure, automated penetration testing. This tests your network’s resilience to anything from simple issues to intricate security
exploits that might leave your systems vulnerable.

Rebasoft uses the network’s own infrastructure and protocols to source its data, meaning it doesn’t need to slow down the whole network to maintain its real-time reports. This also means that
Rebasoft can detect network changes without the need to install and maintain separate software agents on each device.

Rebasoft Can

1. Monitor systems that can’t be protected by antivirus software such as printers, servers, building management systems, and IoT devices to prevent minor security incidents from becoming long, drawn-out cyber-security headaches.

2. Remove rogue WiFi access points and other suspicious edge/end point hardware from your network so hackers can’t bypass your security controls..

3. Works hand in hand with your existing antivirus solution to prevent ransomware and other malware infections from spreading across your network.

4. Protect against outsider threats posed by trusted third party network connections or remote workers.

5. Provide fully detailed analytics to enable engineers and management to identify vulnerabilities, enact preventative security campaigns, and review cybersecurity incidents.

Rebasoft’s Core Asset Security Benefits

1. Finds and indexes complete hardware and software profiles of every single device attached to your network in real time, including PCs, servers, printers, EPOS, IoT devices, and more.

2. Builds an extensive coverage map to identify which devices have poor antivirus protection, where AV provisions are out of date, and which systems can’t run typical AV software.

3. Catalogues all installed applications and running processes on each device, so technicians can keep an eye out for insecure or outdated versions..

4. Flexible, scalable, and lightweight, suitable for organisations from 100 to 100,000 users plus.

5. Provides accurate, in-depth reports which empower decision makers, CISOs and C-Suite management to make well-informed cybersecurity decisions.

6. Sources data from commonly used protocols, so there’s no need to install and manage individual monitoring software on each client PC.

7. Operates at the network level, so every single connected device is closely observed at all times.

8. Checks for default login credentials, invalid encryption certificates, and can run extensive penetration testing to keep your network as cyber-resilient as possible.

9. Eases the strain on overworked IT departments by providing a “single pane of glass” outlook to the entire network.

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