• Malware detection
    Zero day & in-the-wild

Zero-day worm detection

Modern anti-malware systems are good at detecting known viruses. The problem is in coping with “in-the-wild” or “zero-day” malware that could affect systems before the anti-virus companies supply a pattern. Rebasoft can help eliminate this gap and improve detection and remediation speed.

Malware Dashboard

Key questions:

  • Do I need to install software to make malware detection work?
  • Can I use this capability in a remote location?
  • How do I eliminate false-positives?

Rebasoft’s malware protection facilities use a combination of mechanisms to detect the gaps where malware might get in. It can: help ensure that there is sufficient coverage of anti-malware software on PC’s using Rebasoft Knowledge; It can use profiling to detect unusual behaviour that might indicate malware and can even detect the “east-to-west” traffic and scans that could be the work of worm type malware spreading cross the network.

Unlike many anti-malware systems, Rebasoft can detect issues without the need to have software agents meaning you can protect non-PC, Internet of Things (IoT) and SCADA devices.

Rebasoft can help suppress false positives through ignoring good behaviour between known systems. The decision tree logic in the system can look for a number of events, such as scanning, connection attempts to command & control networks via a blacklist capability as well as east-to-west traffic and defined profiles for critical device types.

Rebasoft’s network awareness can protect against threats that enter via “trusted” third party networks and remote teleworkers. Full, detailed analytics are available for security professionals to analyse and review breaches, to identify and remediate vulnerabilities and automatically roll-up data to for reporting and decision making in the “C suite”.

Rebasoft scales from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of end points protected