Network Access Control / NAC

Fast, Simple, Safe: Network Access Control with Rebasoft

Regardless of size or sector, all companies need to stay vigilant against the rising tide of cyber-threats. In addition to traditional network security systems like antivirus and firewalls, an awareness of which devices are connected to your network and what they’re doing has become absolutely essential.

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What is NAC (Network Access Control)?


NAC is an essential IT security practice

Network Access Control involves putting protocols in place that decide which devices are secure enough to connect to your network and which devices could pose a threat to your organisation’s IT security.

In practice, good NAC systems actively monitor the hardware that attaches to your network, policing every device to make sure it’s only behaving in accordance with the protocols that have been set out.

Traditionally, NAC systems can be quite complex to implement, putting them firmly in the realm of those with deep pockets. However, Rebasoft provides an affordable NAC solution to organisations of all sizes. Rebasoft is easy to use, quick to deploy, and features a whole host of additional network security features.


Network Access Control / NAC

Why Network Access Control is Essential

Though wired connections are often lauded as “more secure” than wireless ones, the most vulnerable part of any network is, in fact, its wired component. Protected wireless networks
rely on SSIDs and passwords - and therefore have a level of in-built authentication. However, anyone can plug an insecure device into to a spare Ethernet port anywhere on your premises.

When you manage a relatively small network, it’s fairly easy to keep an eye on what devices are connected, how they’re connected, and what they’re doing. But in an organisation of 100 to 100,000 users or more, making sure all devices obeyevery single device on the network obeys your
cybersecurity policies is a much more complex task.

And if you do come up against a cyber security issue, Ggone are the days when you can simply trace cables to a patch panel and manually unplug a user’s device from your network – especially in the case of companies who operate across multiple locations or who employ remote workers.

With client PCs, BYOD devices, and visitors coming and going, how do you protect your IT infrastructure from malware, ransomware, data leaks, and hacking attempts? The answer is through good Network Access Control practices.

How Rebasoft Handles NAC

Rebasoft detects new network connections in seconds, and uses post-admission behaviour
monitoring to decide whether a device is acting in line with your network access policies.

Rebasoft detects new network connections in seconds, and uses post-admission behaviour monitoring to decide whether a device is acting in line with your network access policies.
If Rebasoft’s NAC functions pick up on any behaviour that goes against your security policies, it can automatically shut off all port activity to affected devices; stopping traffic flowing to and from those
devices - effectively quarantining them from the rest of the network. This can actively stop threats in their tracks – reducing the impact of a cybersecurity incident and giving your engineers time to respond.

Rebasoft can be deployed throughout a whole network without having to install separate software clients or configure settings on each device. As soon as a device connects, it’s being monitored. This guarantees infrastructure-wide coverage – reducing security gaps and improving cyber-resilience throughout your entire organisation.

When faced with a potential cybersecurity incident (and without a tool like Rebasoft) your technicians may feel the need to over-cautiously disable areas of the network that could have far- reaching effects on productivity. However, 

Rebasoft’s monitoring capabilities provide subtle, non-obtrusive controls that oversee network connections and usage without getting in the way of business as usual.

Rebasoft Can

1. Monitor systems that can’t be protected by antivirus software such as printers, servers, building management systems, and IoT devices to prevent minor security incidents from becoming long, drawn-out cyber-security headaches.

2. Remove rogue WiFi access points and other suspicious edge/end point hardware from your network so hackers can’t bypass your security controls..

3. Works hand in hand with your existing antivirus solution to prevent ransomware and other malware infections from spreading across your network.

4. Protect against outsider threats posed by trusted third party network connections or remote workers.

5. Provide fully detailed analytics to enable engineers and management to identify vulnerabilities, enact preventative security campaigns, and review cybersecurity incidents.

Rebasoft’s Core NAC Benefits

1. Total, 360-degree, network-wide coverage, providing unparalleled cybersecurity vigilance.

2. Provides holistic network access control functionality, featuring robust edge/end point security, network behaviour security, and device security, all in one simple to use platform.

3. Vigilantly seeks out unusual network behaviour that might be the result of a malware infection or hacking attempt.

4. Provides protection across numerous types of networked devices including PC’s, servers, printers, “BYOD” devices, and IoT hardware without having to set up monitoring software or settings on each device.

5. Designed to integrate well with your existing antivirus, firewall, and mobile device management (MDM) systems.

6. Relies on post-admission control, so it doesn’t put roadblocks in your path with over-zealous security controls as your network infrastructure grows and changes.

7. Offers a range of adjustable responses to unusual events, from merely notifying a technician to completely disconnecting a device through port blocking.

8. Reduces strain on busy IT departments, engineers, and CISOs by automating essential
security tasks and providing easy to understand analytics.

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