Network Security


Stop hackers using your own network as a weapon

The only network security solution that continuously monitors the behavior of devices even after access is given. With real-time threat detection and response that hunts threat before they strike.


Increase in number of cyber attacks per year


Increase in time to respond to security incidents


Funds lost as a result of a cyber attack were declared unrecoverable

What is the problem?

The network threat landscape is growing and the traditional tools can’t do anything about it.

Network infrastructures are constantly growing with all types of new un-managed devices connecting. With the increased size and a lack of control of the devices and users within it – organisations have opened themselves to an increased risk of threats.

In recent years, hacking techniques have become increasingly complex and they are adapting to new environments quicker than the traditional security providers. New modern threats are finding new ways to infiltrate the network, using unprotected devices as entry points to carry out attacks from the inside.

Traditional preventative platforms that operate as individual siloed tools only offer only a basic level of protection and are only solving half the problem.

Perimeter Defence

Trust misplaced on tools that only control the edge of the network

Siloed Tools

Tools are standalone and do not interwork with existing platforms and data

Hidden Threats

Unable to control all IP enabled IoT devices, despite claiming otherwise

Signature Monitoring

Tracks device with the outdated technique of signature based monitoring


Co-ordinate your network’s security

Unified security beyond the edge of the network

Gaining visibility and control of every device connecting to your network has never been more vital to the mitigation of threats to your organisation.

Rebasoft builds on the weakness of traditional network control solutions that approach threat mitigation simply on the edge of network, without coordinating on further activity.

Rebasoft utilizes a coordinated approach to network security by bringing together the different controls that each organisation needs to manage their threats. Our platform includes access control as part of an overall holistic approach to risk mitigation, rather than a separate step.

Monitor device behavior in real-time

The ability to distinguish between compliant and non-compliant device behavior is the foundation for effective threat detection and response capabilities..

For effective threat mitigation, you first must know exactly what is on the network and what they are doing.

By acting as if your network is already breached, your security efforts must be shifted to behavior based device monitoring to find the threat and remediate it as soon as possible.

Rebasoft continuously monitors the behavior of every device, rather than its signature, along with its interaction and communication activity throughout the network.

Live threat detection with rapid response action

When you can see everything in your environment, you can take control and proactively hunt the advanced threats that have been hidden in previously dark spots of the network..

By identifying early warning signs and monitoring the device, Rebasoft will always be prepared and ready to set upon any threat that might appear.

 Rebasoft will stop a threat in its tracks while its live, whether through automatic or manual remediation after the security team has been alerted.

By giving security teams a powerful way to control the network, they can respond before any damage is done to the network and its assets.


Neutralise the threats

With the holistic nature of Rebasoft, we can neturalise anything acting in a rogue manner- but we can specifically help with the most common top threats below:

Masquerade Device


Data Leakage

Insider Attacks

Rogue VPN

Hijacked IoT

Use Cases

Unified Network Access Control

See everything on the network and ensure NAC is more that just a perimeter defence tool.

Network Behavioural Threat Detection

Continuous monitoring of your entire network to detect suspicious behaviour posing a threat.

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