Network Behaviour Threat Detection

Organisations are not able to prevent advanced targeted attacks from gaining a foothold on their systems with just the use of traditional controls. Rebasoft unique ability to use machine learning and modelling of networks, devices and user behavior has enabled it to become the most effective way to detect and neutralize anomalous rogue activity that threaten your business.

Threat Detection Requirements

See everything on the network

Live alerting of rogue activity

Continuous network monitoring

Automated real-time threat response

Understand network behaviour

Non-disruptive deployment

What can Rebasoft’s NBTD do?

Key Features

Endpoint fingerprinting for ongoing monitoring

Rebasoft incorporates fingerprinting technology to detect, classify and track all devices on the network, rather than rely on traditional methods of applying agents and probes throughout the infrastructure. This innovative technique of fingerprinting, allows Rebasoft to capture all connected devices, including the non-traditional endpoints such as tablet devices, IP enabled cameras and smart meters.

Behaviour based threat detection

Rebasoft’s ability to combine network, device and user activity through machine learning into fingerprinted and known behaviour is crucial in understanding and detecting anomalous behaviour and rogue activity. Instead of relying on fallible signatures and rules to detect threats, Rebasoft ’s behaviour anomaly detection techniques allows organisations to automatically and accurately detect the most advanced threats.

Bonding detection with response capabilities

Within large organisation, the number of alerts that various detection tool generate can be overwhelming – especially if they don’t automate a response or offer a solution. Importantly armed with the right information, in a unified security platform, puts you back in control of your network and provides the ability to detect threats at the speed in which you can respond quickly.

Obtain full visibility of the network, without having to deploy agents, taps or endpoint configuration.

Rebasoft’s unique software solution “tunes in” to the network and reveals everything without a disruptive deployment, allowing you to keep well within your budget.

In recent years, the growing complexity of the network along with the types of devices on the network has expanded the attack surface significantly. This has now made it very difficult for an organisation to protect themselves.

By harnessing existing network telemetry and management information it allows Rebasoft to reach into every corner of the network and discover every device. This new innovative approach to enterprise security allows us to offer our services at a more reasonable cost compared with the old traditional methods currently on the market.

See the benefits of the Rebasoft Network Behavioural Threat Detection solution

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