Unified Network Access Control

Gaining visibility and control of every end-point connecting to your network, followed by monitoring the behavior of those devices, has never been more vital to the mitigation of threats to your organisation. Rebasoft’s Unified Network Access Control (UNAC) delivers the most comprehensive real-time end-point and behavioural access control, without needing probes or agents.

Network Access Control Requirements

Manage non-compliant end-points

Ensure system compliance - post access

Manage the Internet of Things (non traditional IP enabled systems)

Automated remediation, including port blocking

Detailed device posture checking

Lightweight, rapid deployment: probe-less, agent-less

What can Rebasoft’s UNAC do?

Key Features

Visibility and control of every endpoint

Rebasoft’s specialised use of traffic profiling allows devices and endpoints of all types to be secured. This method of traffic profiling is critical where software agent based protection is unavailable or uneconomic to deploy. Whether it is users with laptops, BYODs, printers, servers or in fact any IP enabled device – Rebasoft can identify it, finger print the device, monitor it and if needed, remediate it.

Continuous behaviour monitoring beyond the edge

Rebasoft’s ensures real-time and ongoing monitoring of all endpoints while connected to the network, rather than just at the point of access. This ongoing monitoring of the behavior of all devices on the network is crucial in combating modern attacks, quickly mitigating their effect and ensuring that you are always compliant with your security policy.

Automated real-time response and remediation

When end-points don’t measure up to an organisations policies and standards, Rebasoft automatically initiates one or more policy-based enforcements and remediation actions; like email nofication and/or mandatory remediation to full quarantine or access prevention.

A unique non-disruptive deployment model that separates Rebasoft from the others.

The foundation of Rebasoft is our ability to use your existing infrastucture in way that allows us to see the entire network and everything within it.

Rebasoft’s software can be deployed on physical or virtual servers in a centralised or distributed model. This means our deployment does not require agents, including configuration of every endpoint and/or rely upon network probes or “collector appliances” deployed in various locations to detect traffic information.

This innovate approach to NAC deployment allows it be easier and less costly than the traditional methods, while still ensuring that you have full coverage and control of the entire network. ­­­­

See the benefits of the Rebasoft UNAC solution

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