Unifying Cyber-Security Defences

cyber security asset management for difficult to see systems

Rebasoft’s software platform helps organisations improve their cybersecurity defences, while ensuring continuous compliance aligned with best practices in the security standards, such as Cyber Essentials, ISO27001, NIST and more.

Rebasoft’s all-in-one security system

Defending against Cyber-threats

Our customers are fighting against cyber threats. In 2021 40% of businesses experienced ransomware attacks.

  • IT systems are becoming more complex. The chances of a misconfiguration increase the chance of an infection or breach
  • IT systems are also vulnerable. In 2021 more than 20,000 vulnerabilities were reported. On average, 50 per day, up 9% year on year, means that knowing which ones affect your systems is almost impossible without the right technology.
  • IT Teams are often short-staffed and often overwhelmed. This is a common issue; the IT industry is in a staffing crisis. There were 2.7 million vacancies in Cyber security roles in 2021

Practical, not more, technology is the answer

Reasons our customers invest in Rebasoft

  1. Reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack
  2. Achieve and maintain security regulatory compliance
  3. Good cyber security is seen as a sign of an organisation trusted to do business with

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