Cyber-security Asset Management

Cyber security asset management requires multiple elements to be effective. Rather than buying, integrating and running multiple system, Rebasoft is a single discovery and assessment system.

Our single security deployment helps identify & close cyber-security gaps. It helps staff become more effective, lowers Capex & Opex, reduces system & network load while providing real-time security improvements

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Take Your Cyber Security To The Next Level

Delivering multiple capabilities in a single platform reduces the cost of acquisition, eases deployment, lowers ongoing operational costs. Our simple but flexible system provides whole network coverage to control all endpoints connecting the network from a simple, central, resilient application.

In terms of deployment, Rebasoft can start a small, with a limited set of facilities enabled and scale easily in software to full deployment and the full set of required security controls. Growth is through additional configuration and increasing the software license, so can be achieved non-disruptively.

This means the scale of investment matches the use and growth of the technology. It allows organisations, to grow and meet any challenges without the need for a big-bang deployment and its associated up-front capital investment.

The system also provides full segregation of duties should the bank wish to implement a separation of test and production environments. Extensive reporting, metrics and auditing so that any action can be tracked and retrospectively analysed is in-built.