Why Rebasoft

Rebasoft is leading the way with our new groundbreaking approach to network security and management. Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to develop a unified solution that is generating critical acclaim for three key reasons:

Innovative Deployment

Unique deployment leverages existing network telemetry, rather than using traditional probes and endpoint configuration

Behavioural Fingerprinting

Next generation mastery of bonding device, user and data with behavioural fingerprinting to capture rogue activity

Unrivalled Pricing

The most cost effective solution, throughout installation and maintenance, due our unprecedented advances in technology

“When we started comparing the costs of each solution during the review process, the decision to use Rebasoft was an easy one to make. It greatly exceeded our budget expectations.”

Chief Information Officer, undisclosed Finance organisation.

“Rebasoft could offer us more functions than the other providers we were talking to, so we were really surprised to find that they also were considerably cheaper to deploy and run.”

IT Security Lead, undisclosed British University.

“Rebasoft was able to deploy their platform on our main central server, which saved us a lot of headache. We really wanted a solution that didn’t require network wide probes due previous problems we had with our last provider.”

Chief Information Officer, undisclosed Retail company.

“We were concerned that providers required complicated roll outs of their tool with excessive configurations and probes, despite initially claiming they wouldn’t. Rebasoft ability to roll out their software centrally meant we were functioning within hours.”

Chief Security Officer, undisclosed Media company.

You can only control what you know

Use the network as a sensor to gain full visibility of everything connected to your network, no matter what they are.

As network infiltrations become increasingly sophisticated and dynamic – your biggest vulnerability risk is the gap you have not detected.

Rebasoft helps you build an ‘understanding’ of your entire infrastructure by integrating information from different sources throughout the network; and begins to build a more complete picture of what is connected and what it is doing.

This is the first step to effective risk management – seeing what needs to be controlled.

Detect and respond to new and emerging threats

Rebasoft builds on the weakness of traditional network control solutions that approach threat mitigation on the edge of network, at the point where access is given or denied..

Rebasoft goes beyond a standalone ‘perimeter’ defence. We are the only platform that continuously monitors device behaviour and identify threats throughout the network in real-time to ensure that no anomalous activity or compromising access is present.

Whether a threat arises from laptops, BYODs, printers, servers or in fact any IP enabled device. Rebasoft can identify it, monitor it and if needed – remediate it.

Transparency from the network to the Boardroom

Rebasoft’s software platform provides the tools to make better decisions by bridging the gap between Boardroom executives and Operations.

Multi-vendor systems, devices, hardware and software with their own security protocols, often exist in within specialised organisational silos, hidden from Boardroom view.

It has become near impossible for the Boardroom to get a 100% accurate and reliable view of the day-to-day digital and commercial risk to Critical Assets using conventional methods.

The unified approach of Rebasoft allows organisations to make decisions based on a single point of truth.

What does it do?

Take control of your network

Network Discovery

See your infrastructure down to a granular level

Monitor Behaviour

Check for suspicious behaviour activity

Detect Threats

Hunt the threats before they strike.

Real-time Response

Take action in the moment

Unified Platform

Leave behind siloed tools and data

Maintain Compliance

Instil good governance and regulations

Audit Reporting

Efficient reporting for better decisions

Proactive Management

Optimise your network service performance

How does it work?

The information is already there

Rebasoft’s software is centrally deployed into your network where it begins using passive, non-invasive mechanisms to gather information directly from the network infrastructure in real-time.

No probes/agents

See everything as Rebasoft doesn’t rely on agents or probes to be on each individual device.

No endpoint configuration

Don’t spend time and money deploying and configuring every endpoint. Rebasoft has a better way.

No hardware required

Save money by not having to invest in new hardware from day one, or even if the network grows.

No compatibility issues

Rebasoft compliments and interworks with your existing legacy systems so you don’t need extra investment.

No lengthy deployment

Deploy Rebasoft software in just minutes so you can avoid disruptive deployment and reduce downtime.

No burden on resources

With unified and automated software, your IT team can work more efficiently and without burden.

“All organizations should now assume that they are in a state of continuous compromise. However, they may mistakenly believe that 100 percent prevention is possible. Many have become overly reliant on blocking-based and signature-based mechanisms for protection. As a result, most enterprises have limited capabilities to detect and respond to breaches”

Gartner, 2016

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