About Rebasoft

Rebasoft is a UK based Software and Services company, founded in 2009 and produces software solutions for the Cyber Security market space.

We focus on helping our customers improve cyber security defences. Our company is going from strength to strength and still owned & managed by the 2 original founder-shareholders.

It is used by public & private sector businesses globally to help with their cyber security defences; delivering what they need today to combat the ever-increasing cyber threats. We’re seeing this reflected in the growth in customer acquisitions and revenue.

VAT #: GB972197684

Company #: 06914233

ICO ref: ZA635085

Our values

Rebasoft works in partnership, developing our technologies with input from our customers around the world. Rebasoft does not just provide a “shrink-wrapped” solution. Rather looks to work with key clients to develop new capabilities as our customers grow and change their business over time.

We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and partners, looking to build value into our platform that enable improvements in working practices and offer cost savings.

Our technology

Rebasoft’s advantage is that it re-purposes network management technologies for security uses. These are generally already available so take little to no set-up. Deployment is therefore very rapid and non-disruptive to business operations. This fusion of network and security engineering technologies also means that organisations are not constrained to use older, less flexible security paradigms. Rebasoft systems need:

No software agents installing on end-point systems nor supplicants configuring

No 802.1X to provide port security

No tapped, mirrored or spanned ports on the network to see endpoint communications

Avoiding these aspects further reduces the cost of acquisition, eases deployment, lowers ongoing operational costs. Our simple but flexible system provides whole network coverage to control all endpoints connecting the network from a simple, central, resilient application.

In terms of deployment, Rebasoft can start a small, with a limited set of facilities enabled and scale easily in software to full deployment and the full set of required security controls. Growth is through additional configuration and increasing the software license, so can be achieved non-disruptively.

This means the scale of investment matches the use and growth of the technology. It allows organisations, to grow and meet any challenges without the need for a big-bang deployment and its associated up-front capital investment.

The system also provides full segregation of duties should the bank wish to implement a separation of test and production environments. Extensive reporting, metrics and auditing so that any action can be tracked and retrospectively analysed is in-built.

Leadership team

Rebasoft is still owned and managed by the original founders

Philip Harragan
Philip HarraganCEO & Founder
Philip’s career in the technology sector spans some 30 years specialising in network management and security sectors. Prior to Rebasoft, Philip was Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Support at Fluke Networks following the acquisition of Crannog Software, where he was CEO.

His earlier career included senior roles for MacAfee (now Intel) and sales roles in leading IT technology companies.

Steve Wilkinson
Steve WilkinsonCTO & Founder
Having a strong track record covering almost 30 years in the IT industry, Steve has held management, sales, channel and technical roles within companies such as IBM, Oracle and McAfee. Recently, as well as co-founding Rebasoft, he has also been Director of a successful security and networking business in the UK.

Steve holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Loughborough University.

Technology timeline

Timeline/capabilities milestones:

  1. Time-based correlation of network & asset information (building a real-time database)
  2. Multivendor support (not just Cisco!)
  3. Policy automation (automatically alert & report on issues)
  4. Real-time traffic analysis (Support NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow)
  5. Traffic profiling & analysis (Catches network abuse and anomalies)
  6. Open database/data structures/API (Allows co-existence & interoperation)
  7. Deployability/usability/scalability (from 1000’s to millions of devices & flows)
  8. Resilience (HA)
  9. Central manager (RMC) (single pane of glass)
  10. Flexible SNMP Engine & PowerShell support (simplification & flexibility)
  11. Segregation of duties & multi-tenant (MSSP support)
  12. SSH Console, Perimeter algorithms, Configuration back-ups, Flexible Metadata
  13. Vulnerability scanning introduction (Integrated into asset discovery)
  14. Continuous Vulnerability management

Product names

  • RMC = Rebasoft Management Console
  • Core = Auditor Core
  • App = Application Auditor