See everything
Secure everything
Defend everything

We help you to see and secure your IT assets, so you can stay protected from cyber-threats.

Cyber-attacks are on the rise. With increased regulation, cyber-security standard compliance and insurance companies tightening their wallets, it’s up to you to protect your business.

IT teams face a problem

The typical approach to cyber-security involves buying a dozen solutions and piecing them all together. Then jumping between them on separate interfaces, manually inputting data and hoping it’s all accurate. The result is just more complexity on an already growing network.

Poor visibility

Data is often out-of-date and misaligned between programs. There is no reliable source of truth, resulting in frustrating guesswork.


Companies end up buying so many products, it’s hard to know which ones they actually need. So, they just end up paying for them all.

Network growth

More devices, different types of devices, new software, new users. The ladder is always growing, and it’s growing faster than you can climb it.

We aim to solve these problems

Rebasoft provides an agentless cyber security solution with real-time visibility of all your devices. So, you’ll finally be able to make decisions from accurate data, and can grow your network with confidence. We offer three main capabilities, all fully integrated into each other, all using the same dashboard. So, you can simplify your security and save money from unnecessary products.

The Rebasoft Security Platform

Three core solutions, one unified platform

See everything

Cyber security asset management

  • Asset discovery & inventory
  • Criticality & prioritisation
  • Device details

Secure everything

Policy compliance

  • Secure configuration
  • Network perimeter security
  • Malware coverage

Defend everything

Real-time security

  • Vulnerability management
  • Automation
  • Behaviour monitoring

“With Rebasoft I can now see all my network attached devices – in one system – and validate them for compliance purposes”

CISO, Charity

With Rebasoft we were able to become more effective with fewer systems to operate and use. This meant saved time & reduction in errors.

Network Manager, School

If you have a number of alerts being triggered in 10 different systems it is quite hard to track it through to conclusion. One system allows us to easily drill through and rapidly resolve it.”

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