Human error is behind most of the successful cyberattacks on businesses

Even if employees are aware of the risks of suspicious emails, they still click the links anyway. You can train users not to, but research shows they will forget most of what was taught within the first 24 hours. Social engineering, scams and malware trip up the unwary, so how can you protect your business against your users?

“Anti-malware controls, firewalls, and intrusion prevention measures are essential in guarding against threats, but they aren’t always sufficient. By their very nature, malware and cyberattacks are designed and orchestrated to operate stealthily, staying under the radar for as long as possible.”

There are a number of tell-tale signs that something untoward may be happening on any network. Unauthorised hardware additions, cross-network malware propagation traffic, large amounts of data leaving a single end point, and unexplainable access to sensitive systems can all indicate that a cybersecurity issue is
currently unfolding. These signs can be detected and monitored in a number of ways – often through network telemetry mechanisms like SNMP and NetFlow.

However, it’s common for each of these network security controls to be handled completely separately through multiple, disparate management systems. These systems often do not offer any kind of inter-compatibility with each other. Some may not be capable of total, network-wide reach. This lack of single-source cohesion and interoperability can be a serious problem.

Any network security measures need to understand the entire network – fundamentally and holistically. When
monitoring systems don’t work together, extra care, training, and people-power is needed to know and manage each system’s coverage and limitations. And when you’re juggling disparate security systems, cracks can easily emerge – cracks that can grow into highly vulnerable security gaps if left unchecked.

The solution to this is to invest in a compromise detection and monitoring platform that shines a light on all
corners of your network, providing a central, always-on, real-time fusion of network telemetry data. Thankfully, this is where Rebasoft shines.