Case studies

Charity case-study

A £250 million charity operating in more than 30 countries worldwide, focusing on Africa and Asia. The charity has more than 500 staff, most of whom work remotely. The IT team is based in Surrey, UK. “Having such a distributed network always caused problems seeing the network all the way to the outlying edges. With Rebasoft I can now see all my network attached devices in one system and validate them for compliance and audit

School case-study

A UK based independent boarding school – a member of the Rugby group of schools. The school boards some 800 pupils. The campus is spread across 100 acres and new buildings have been acquired in the vicinity “Despite a NAC system being in place, it is not trusted. There was a high degree of manual intervention to authorise system onto the network” IT profile The school uses Microsoft based systems

Service company case-study

A £40 million software services business with 1000 staff spread across UK & EU countries. The IT team is based in Eastern Europe. “… if you have a number of alerts being triggered in 10 different systems it is quite hard to track them through to conclusion. One system allows us to easily drill through to the issue and rapidly resolve it” IT profile The company uses Microsoft based systems.