Network Access Control

Network Access Control (NAC) is an essential aspect of IT security frameworks to authorise users and systems onto the network. Traditionally, NAC systems can be quite complex to implement, putting them firmly in the realm of those with deep pockets. However, Rebasoft provides an affordable NAC solution to organisations of all sizes. Rebasoft is easy to use, quick to deploy and features a whole host of additional network security features.

Rebasoft NAC

Rebasoft offers a “post-authentication” version of NAC. Users are generally authenticated via existing mechanisms and a simplified model of identifying compliant devices is used. Rebasoft’s collection and processing of NetFlow data provide some other capabilities when combined with NAC:

  1. Critical device protection
  2. Device behaviour change
  3. Malware (east-to-west traffic) detection

Whatever the reason, the system can have access revoked or the network connection moved to another VLAN. These security steps can be delivered without the need to install software agents on each PC, nor re-engineer the network to support 802.1X.

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