Note from the Managing Director – Philip Harragan

As we reached the end of May, nearly 7,500 vulnerabilities have already been reported (source: Statista), which means we are on track to surpass the record-breaking number from 2022. Threat actors continued to exploit older vulnerabilities in unpatched systems, causing the IT team’s headache to get bigger and increasingly difficult to manage.

So, what core actions can they take to help mitigate the risk posed?

Know your assets, know your vulnerabilities. If you don’t know what hardware and software you have, how can you possibly know what vulnerabilities can harm you and where to point your resources?

Rebasoft launches two new assessments to help its channel partners to provide a real-time view and value to their customers aligned to cyber security frameworks and insurance policies.


Benefits you can deliver to your customers:

  • Your customer will know all their Hardware and Software, meaning they will be able to make informed security decisions aligned to the appropriate security control and tackle misconfiguration (i.e. Auto-play disabled, missing AV)
  • Help your customers achieve or maintain a Cyber Security Framework (i.e., Cyber Essentials/NIST/ISO) and meet compliance or business insurance requirements.
  • Help your customers increase efficiency and save money by:
    • Finding unknown, redundant, or unwanted IT assets and associated maintenance/software license costs
    • Patch vulnerabilities quicker to meet framework requirements and reduce resource costs
  • Improve your customer’s overall network security posture

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IT Asset Discovery Assessment – See Everything

Provide your customers visibility of all devices (Hardware and Software) connected to the network in real-time, identifying unknown devices so they know what to protect. Highlight areas of consolidation to save money and efficiency, allowing the removal of unwanted hardware and software. All aligned security controls and cyber security standards making them more secure.

Find out more… IT Asset Discovery Assessment Datasheet


Vulnerability Assessment – Defend Everything

By building on top of the IT Asset Discovery Assessment, provide your customers with real-time vulnerability management. Highlight affected elements (HW, OS, Application) by device type and list of Critical and high vulnerabilities to reduce false positives and duplicates. Save money and increase security by patching faster and accurately, all aligned to targets set in cyber security standards.

Find out more… Vulnerability Assessment Datasheet


Benefits to Rebasoft partners:

  1. Retain and drive net new customers
  2. Open new revenue streams finding upsell, cross-sell and services opportunities.
  3. Embed yourself deeper into your customer business processes and strategy planning.
  4. Improve customer’s network security posture to meet frameworks and cyber insurance policies

Contact the channel team or to find out more and how we can help you provide a valuable service to your customers.