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NIS2 – Why should you care?

Part of the well known meme: “the EU regulates” comes to mind with the latest directive from the EU. NIS 2. Following hot on the heel of NIS 1, NIS 2 is a directive, rather than a regulation, that encompasses Cyber Security. EU member states need to incorporate the directive into law by 18th October 2024 - which is not far away. The “state” will become more active in reducing the impact cyber risks as society continues to become [...]

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Embracing the Future of Vulnerability Management: Insights for IT Security Leaders 

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the surge in vulnerabilities continues to accelerate, demanding a strategic and adaptive approach from organisations. As a leader responsible for IT security, you understand the critical importance of managing and prioritising vulnerabilities effectively in alignment with your organisational priorities. In this article, we delve into three pivotal trends that are shaping the future of Vulnerability Management and discuss how Rebasoft is at the forefront of addressing these challenges.  Trend 1: Asset Management and [...]

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Press Release: The Future is Asset Based Vulnerability Management

Rebasoft, a UK systems developer, is extending its real-time, agent-less cybersecurity platform with integrated vulnerability management. This integration of vulnerability management with real-time asset management enables small and medium-sized businesses to improve their cybersecurity without the high costs and complexity associated with traditional systems. Rebasoft's asset and vulnerability solution provides comprehensive coverage for the entire IT infrastructure without installing agents, including endpoints, network devices, infrastructure, and IoT devices. This agentless approach simplifies the installation process and allows businesses to [...]

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Newsletter June

Note from the Managing Director – Philip Harragan As we reached the end of May, nearly 7,500 vulnerabilities have already been reported (source: Statista), which means we are on track to surpass the record-breaking number from 2022. Threat actors continued to exploit older vulnerabilities in unpatched systems, causing the IT team’s headache to get bigger and increasingly difficult to manage. So, what core actions can they take to help mitigate the risk posed? Know your assets, know your vulnerabilities. [...]

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IT Hardware, Software & Vulnerability Audit: Not just for Christmas

IT Hardware, Software & Vulnerability Audit: Not just for Christmas This blog explores the concept of IT hardware, software and vulnerability audit. It highlights their crucial role in an organisation's IT security strategy, compliance with regulations, cyber security framework accreditation, and business insurance policies related to cyber security coverage. It emphasises the benefits and outcomes of such audits and argues for adopting real-time, always-on audits as a standard practice for IT teams. Introduction In today's digital landscape, businesses rely heavily [...]

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The Critical Role of Vulnerability Management in Network Security Strategy

The Critical Role of Vulnerability Management in Network Security Strategy   In today's digital landscape, a robust network security is paramount for organisations to protect their sensitive data and maintain customer trust. An effective network security strategy requires a proactive approach that addresses vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. This is where vulnerability management comes into play. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of vulnerability management in network security and its crucial role in achieving [...]

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Newsletter May

Channel Newsletter - May 23' Since 2009 Rebasoft, a leading UK-based software solutions company delivering agentless asset management, secure compliance and vulnerability management from a single platform to help organisations gain full visibility, control and secure their networks whilst achieving and maintaining compliance standards, has announced its commitment and investment into a channel-first strategy. Rebasoft hires new channel sales leader Kevin Monk has recently joint the team at Rebasoft to lead channel engagement across the EMEA region. Monks bring [...]

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Misconceptions about Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is one of the most important cyber security tasks. But it is also tricky and complex, giving rise to dangerous misconceptions which can lead to misguided practices and ineffective security. When it comes to communicating vulnerabilities, risks and threats to senior management, misconceptions can greatly harm communication and have a knock-on effect to your security strategy. Don't let the myths stand in your way, get the facts and sharpen your security. Myth 1. Vulnerability management and patch management [...]

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How dangerous is the mysterious Rorschach ransomware?

Researchers uncover a new strain of malware with unusual features Check Point Research (CPR) uncovered a mysterious, new strain of ransomware. What stands out most, is that it's completely unbranded, very unusual for the ransomware ecosystem where reputation is everything. It also boasts faster encryption speeds than any other strain before and has rare, unusual features compared to others. What do you see in the inkblots? This new strain of ransomware is unusually customisable, allowing users to deploy it how [...]

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Why you should take a risk-based approach to cyber security

The checklist mentality According to the WEF (World Economic Forum) Global Cyber Security Outlook 2023, attitudes have shifted, with many now seeing cyber security frameworks as an effective tool for improving cyber security accross the private sector. Following a cyber security framework such as Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001 has been shown to reduce the chances of a data breach by up to 86%. But it's a double edged sword. Now, many people think of cyber security and security standard [...]

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