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Find out how Rebasoft helped this charity get certified for cyber essentials

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Cyber security asset management

Our client is a £250 million charity, mostly working in Asia and Africa

Protecting donor information

Charities have a lot of responsibility to protect their donor’s data, it makes them a prime target for cyber attacks.

Increasing threat

Due to increasing cyber threats against charities, our client was looking to get certified for Cyber Essentials Plus so they could proove to their donors that they can protect their data.

Disparate IT infrastructure

They faced poor visibility across a disparate IT infrastructure, with remote workers, cloud services and outsourced IT. They had no way to comply with their security policy company-wide.


They needed a quick and easy deployment to meet project deadlines, with as few extra installations as possible. And it all had to be done remotely, without social contact.

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Find out how Rebasoft helped the charity become compliant with Cyber essentials Plus from a simple remote deployment.