Malware Coverage

Rebasoft, use real-time analytics and reporting to track malware coverage

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Cyber security asset management

Preventing attacks is not enough, you need to hunt for them in real time.

Are you sure every PC has antivirus?

When we run Rebasoft for customers, you’d be suprised how many systems we find with antivirus disabled. Simple misconfigurations like this are all too easy to make, because assessing and enforcing security controls at scale can be tricky.

These are the problems we hear

With poor visibility, organisations struggle to gain a deep insight into their security controls accross the board.

1. Poor visbility

Due to expensive licences and a lack of real-time data

2. Poor reporting capabilities

Means a lack of actionable data

3. Poor allocation of resources

Leading to a delayed remediation

Rebasoft can help

Rebasoft automatically detects configurations like antivirus coverage. You can create easy-to-read dashboards with granular control so you can accuratey asses malware coverage.

More accurate

Real-time visibility means you can see any device as soon as it connects to your network

Actionable data

See what you want, when you want, laid out just how you want with our fragment dashboard system


Rebasoft is designed to be used by organisations of all sizes

You wouldn’t buy a car without trying it

Why not see it in action? Nothing beats a live demo with an expert.

The Rebasoft Security Platform

Three core solutions, one unified platform


Cyber security asset management

  • Asset discovery & inventory
  • Criticality & prioritisation
  • Device details


Policy compliance

  • Secure configuration
  • Network perimeter security
  • Malware coverage


Real-time security

  • Vulnerability management
  • Network access control
  • Behaviour monitoring