“We have it covered. We have the latest cyber-security. No hacker will hold us to ransom.”

Famous last words, and in the case of some businesses, that’s quite literal. Ransomware can destroy your business. It can cripple you financially and blow your reputation as a safe, secure business to smithereens. If you’re seen as vulnerable in the business world, nobody will take a chance dealing with you, whether they’re corporate partners or online customers.

Ransomware is a much bigger problem than simply ‘paying off’ a backdoor hacker and hoping they’ll play nice and give you back access to your vital files.
Ransomware kills businesses. Ransomware could kill YOUR business. The one you’ve worked so hard to build up all these years. The one that provides your staff with a monthly wage. And the one that a hacker has their eye on as a potential soft target.

How do you beat the hackers?

That’s the problem. Now here’s the solution.


This multi-purpose cyber security system doesn’t care how big your profit margins are or whether you’re a major industry name or a solo operator. It provides a multi-pronged approach to cybersecurity that cuts costs and makes life easier while keeping those hackable backdoors firmly shut. Multi-layered protection

When we developed REBASOFT, we didn’t want to make a ‘standalone’ cyber security product that only did one thing. That just shifts the vulnerability elsewhere, and a new leak pops up further downstream.

So REBASOFT uses overlapping layers to provide a reinforced cover that’s aligned to security standard control monitoring and tackles:

  • Vulnerability Management – using existing asset information, REBASOFT can spot vulnerabilities quickly, including insecure settings, ingress points and ‘backdoor’ access for hackers
  • Asset management – REBASOFT finds everything that needs protecting
  • Network Access Control – helping ensure only those systems you want can access your network
  • Penetration Testing – extensive, automated compliance monitoring