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Cyber security asset management

Compliance with one or more security standards is all but mandatory now

Do you have real-time visibility?

Most security software relies on active scans to give you a view of your tech landscape. They are performed periodically and serve stale and often inaccurate data. Many organisations supplement this with a real-time feed using NetFlow data as a second pair of eyes. Real-time vision is a powerful tool for asset discovery and threat detection but NetFlow security solutions on the market are often expensive and lacking crucial security features.

These are the problems we hear

Typical NetFlow security solutions were never designed for security, they are network solutions repackaged for security. They feauture immature security features with poor integrations, meaning you pay a hefty price for little more than a second pair of eyes.

1. AI threat detection

Many NetFlow solutions are bundled with an AI threat detection software that drowns you in false positives

2. Jumping between programs

Just to do one job

3. Too expensive

Only large companies can afford it

Rebasoft can help

Rebasoft is a security-first NetFlow solution. We use NetFlow data as the base from which all security functions are built off. This means you can perform a multitude of security functions, all from one program, all using fresh, real-time NetFlow data.

More accurate

Real-time visibility means you can see any device as soon as it connects to your network


Perform multiple security functions, all from one platform with real-time NetFlow data


Rebasoft is designed to be used by organisations of all sizes

You wouldn’t buy a car without trying it

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The Rebasoft Security Platform

Three core solutions, one unified platform


Cyber security asset management

  • Asset discovery & inventory
  • Criticality & prioritisation
  • Device details


Policy compliance

  • Secure configuration
  • Network perimeter security
  • Malware coverage


Real-time security

  • Vulnerability management
  • Network access control
  • Behaviour monitoring