Cyber Security Asset Management

The NCSC says “Asset management, in one form or another, is fundamental to cyber security. Despite that, many organisations have significant gaps in what they understand about their environment. The result is a weakened cyber security posture… … Asset management often goes wrong because there is a lack of integration across an organisation. This means security requirements are not properly understood or don’t get implemented.”

Organisations are often drawn to exciting-sounding cyber security “threat hunting” or “red-teaming” initiatives; Sexy technologies such as machine learning or AI (Artificial Intelligence). They struggle taking a step back and build a foundation for these cyber security programs, even if they know it better enables cool intrusion spotting and ransomware fighting malware technologies

What should you do?

A security breach can start with just one unprotected system. It is likely that unknown systems, that have not been correctly protected, could be exploited, causing an incident.

  1. In order to protect assets, you first need to discover them. You need a system that can continuously identify what systems are in your organisation. Ideally, a business impact analysis should be performed to understand what is most important
  2. Once you have found your assets, you need to ensure they have appropriate, proportionate security controls implemented – such as Anti-Virus
  3. You should also ensure that each system is secure; configuration settings implemented to prevent compromise.

How can Rebasoft help?

With Rebasoft, you can create and maintain an accurate, always up-to-date asset inventory. It will help ensure all your assets are accounted for and contain the information needed to support your cyber security use cases, such as risk management and vulnerability management. Asset security can become an integral part of your IT processes.

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