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Cyber security asset management

Rebasoft cyber security asset management dashboard

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Cyber security asset management

The base of any good cyber security approach is good visbility.

IT teams are struggling to answer a basic question

“What do we actually have?” That’s because there’s a problem with how the industry handles cyber security asset management. The typical approach of buying a dozen different programs and jumping between them, just to do one job, is a logistical nightmare. And the widespread use of active scans only compounds this issue – the data just never quite lines up. These are the main problems our customers face:

Incomplete data

Asset discovery systems are not designed for security. They only provide a “snapshot” of your network. Over time “drift” builds between your Asset Database and what you actually have.

Working around others

Finding what you actually have can be disruptive. You need to install agents when you’re trying to reduce complexity. You’re scanning at times to reduce the impact on networks.

Unmanaged devices

In today’s world of IoT, there’s all kinds of devices being added to networks without any way of installing agents on them.

Rebasoft can help

Rather than using active scans, Rebasoft passively monitors your network to draw an accurate, real-time map of your assets. And you can easily find all those unmanaged devices, because Rebasoft is agentless. So, you’ll finally be able to answer that one question: “What do we actually have?”


Rebasoft passively monitors network traffic, leveraging your existing hardware. This means no disrupting others, no “drift” and deployment is a breeze.

Full Context

See important details, like device type, location, model and what software it’s running, all without installing any agents or additional software.


Set criticality for the devices you couldn’t function without, so you can take a smart approach to security. Do all this, from a single dashboard.

You wouldn’t buy a car without trying it

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The Rebasoft Security Platform

Three core solutions, one unified platform

See everything

Cyber security asset management

  • Asset discovery & inventory
  • Criticality & prioritisation
  • Device details

Secure everything

Policy compliance

  • Secure configuration
  • Network perimeter security
  • Malware coverage

Defend everything

Real-time security

  • Vulnerability management
  • Automation
  • Behaviour monitoring