• Single Point of Truth
    Mitigating risk, reducing costs

What we do

Rebasoft uniquely delivers capabilities that significantly improve any organisation’s security posture. A solution that works in harmony with, and improves, existing control measures yet offers the ability to cover 100’s more controls in a single, affordable solution

Key Benefits

Efficient security

Bringing together 100s of control points that complement traditional controls such as Firewalls and Anti-Virus

Reduces staff workload while speeding remediation

A single solution

A single pane of glass with multiple “personas”, CIOs / CISOs and subject matter experts using the same golden source of information to be in more control

KRI's concisely built from live data with CIO/CISO and staff only sees what they need


Reducing human intervention and errors, speeding time to detect and remediate issues

Reduced downtime and operational costs

Flexible interworking

Improved orchestration of IT resources using best practice from ISO27001 & NIST frameworks: People, Process, Technology - Rebasoft

Rebasoft increase the effectiveness and ROI of existing controls

Single system

Multiple security uses - add breadth, depth and integration

One implementation, multiple security areas addressed, saving cost

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Transparency from the network to the Boardroom

Rebasoft’s software platform provides the tools to make better decisions by bridging the gap between Boardroom executives and Operations.

Multi-vendor systems, devices, hardware and software with their own security protocols, often exist in within specialised organisational silos, hidden from Boardroom view.

It has become near impossible for the Boardroom to get a 100% accurate and reliable view of the day-to-day digital and commercial risk to Critical Assets using conventional methods.

The unified approach of Rebasoft allows organisations to make decisions based on a single point of truth.

Detect and respond to new and emerging threats

Rebasoft builds on the weakness of traditional network control solutions that approach threat mitigation on the edge of network, at the point where access is given or denied.

Rebasoft goes beyond a standalone ‘perimeter’ defence. We are the only platform that continuously monitors device behaviour and identify threats throughout the network in real-time to ensure that no anomalous activity or compromising access is present.

Whether a threat arises from laptops, BYODs, printers, servers or in fact any IP enabled device. Rebasoft can identify it, monitor it and if needed – remediate it.

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You can only control what you know

Use the network as a sensor to gain full visibility of everything connected to your network, no matter what they are.

As network infiltrations become increasingly sophisticated and dynamic – your biggest vulnerability risk is the gap you have not detected.

Rebasoft helps you build an ‘understanding’ of your entire infrastructure by integrating information from different sources throughout the network; and begins to build a more complete picture of what is connected and what it is doing.

This is the first step to effective risk management – seeing what needs to be controlled.

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While implementing security with Rebasoft, for the first time we have a golden source view of our whole estate, improving our posture at a stroke
Global investment bank
My keep awake issue is ensuring that nothing attaches to our network that causes a breach of customer data. Now we can see instantly a hack or malware on our remote networks
National Retailer
Before Rebasoft, when we received an alert, it took us a day to isolate a suspect device on the network. Now we can do this in a few seconds; we have saved a lot of time & money
Global trading organisation
We really like that my senior management can see, at a glance, where the risks are; this is critical for the lead up to our busiest periods
High Tech Manufacturer
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